Friday, January 27, 2017

FTU Tut Face To Face

Face To Face
©Barbara Butler

Supplies Needed:
Font:  Fish & Chips
Image:  Face to Face by ©Elena Dudina or one of your choosing.  The image I used can be found at
Adjust Radiel Blur:  Settings:  Twirl, Strength 83, Twirl 70, Horizontal Offset 17, Vertical Offset 22, Protect Center 48 Dot and Cross default settings.
VM  Flip Chop 18, 28
Reflections:  Kaleidoscope; Horizontal Offset 100, Vertical Offset 18, Rotation Angle 23, Scale Factor 19, Number of Petals 10, Edge Mode Reflect

This Tut is for people who have working knowledge of PSP.

New Image 960X720 72DPI.
1.  Flood fill with a radial gradient settings Angle:  45  Repeats:  3  H&V:  50.  I made my own gradient with the following colors:  #ffff69, #7f1900, #f0c825.  Add The Radial Blur using the settings above.
2.  Select all, Paste your Image into the selection, select none.  Duplicate layer and close off the duplicate for now.  Back on the original add the same Raidal Blur as before twice.  Select none.  
3.  Close off the original and back on the gradient layer add the dot and cross effect.  Open up the original picture and set blend mode to overlay.  Open up the duplicate and set the blend mode to Multiply.  Merge Visible.
4.  Duplicate it.  Apply Flip Chop with the above settings twice.
5.  Copy and paste the image back on to the image.  Re size it to 800X609 (if the image you are using isnt smaller the canvas already).  Select all, float, defloat.  Selection>Modify>Select Selections>Borders>Outside width 9.  New Layer and flood fill with a color from your image I used #ffff69 for mine.  
6.  Back on the bottom layer repeat the last step but instead of clicking the outside option select inside.  Select none.
7.  Back on the original apply the kaleidoscope using the settings above.
8.  Add an accent element of choice, I used my preset shape tool and drew one out, duplicated it and flipped it horizontal, placed it on the opposite side of the original, merge the two together, duplicate this one and flipped it vertically and placed this one on the top.  
9.  Add a drop shadow of choice to both borders and the accent element.
10.  Add copyright and name, add a gradient glow and drop shadow of choice.  Re size it, save and you are done.

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