Monday, November 7, 2016

Christmas Cane

Christmas Cane
©Barbara Butler
November 2016

Non Animated Tag:


Kit:  Christmas Cane by Amy Marie.  This kit can be found at 

*(Animation Shop:  If you dont have this then go ahead and skip the animation part.
Special Effect:VanDerLee>Snowflakes>Settings>Setting1:  Amount 82; Min. Size 17; Max Size 2; Hardness 88; Trans. 30; Snow Color Basic Icy Blue; Random Seed 1>Setting 2:  Change Random Seed to 2>Setting 3:  Change Random Setting to 4).*
Special Settings:  Most Elements will be re sized by 75% unless otherwised stated.

C/P Element 31 on to the canvas.  Try to center it in the middle of the canvas.  Using the magic wand click on the inside; expand the selection by 8; paste Pp15 into the selection, select none.  Move below the frame.  

*This part is optional.
Stay on the paper layer; select all, float, defloat.  Add new layer apply the snowflake setting 1, add another new layer and add snowflake setting 2, and add one more layer setting 3.*   Select none.

C/P Element 24 on to the canvas.  Re size it once.  Rotate it 15 degrees to the left and place it on the right side.

C/P Element 28 on to the canvas.  Re size it twice.  Place it on the left side.

C/P Element 29 on to the canvas.  Re size it once.  Place it on the left side and behind Element 29.

C/P Element 32 on to the canvas.  Re size it twice.  Place it on the right side and in front of the other elements.

C/P Element 80 on to the canvas.  Flip it horizontally and place it behind the elements on the right side.

Paste Tube(s) of choice on to the canvas.  Re size it if needed.  Place to your liking.

Add name and save as a pspimage.  Add any effects you would like.  Crop and re size the tag.  Save as a png and you are done.

**Animating the Tag**
Close off Rasters 5&6 and your name (if you added it already),  Copy Merge Open up AS and paste it as a new animation.  
Close off Raster 4 and open Raster 5, Copy Merge back in AS paste after current Frame.
Close off Raster 5 and Open Raster 6, Copy Merge, back in AS paste after current Frame.  
Now Open your name and Copy and paste as a new animation over in AS (if you dont it will be too big for the tag).   Copy one more time
Back on the tag select all frames, propagate paste your name into the selected frames.  
Check the animation to make sure it is working properly.  If you want you can slow down the snow.  I slowed mine down to 45.
I hope you liked this tut.  It is something I dont normally do.  If you have any comments or questions please feel free to comment.

Thank you for taking a look at my tut.  I hope you have enjoyed it.

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